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EXTOL CRAFT 9175 pistole sponkovací, 4-14mm/tl.0,75mm Kód: 9175
EXTOL CRAFT 9180 kladivo sponkovací, 6-10mm/tl.0,75mm
360 Kč

All steel construction with high carbon hardened steel parts. With rapid ergonomic function, it offers strong penetrating power and quick excellent performance....

Kód: 9180
EXTOL CRAFT 9181 kladivo sponkovací, 6-10mm/ tl.1,2mm Kód: 9181
FORTUM 4770701 pistole sponkovací, 6-16mm
Kód: 4770701
FORTUM 4770702 pistole sponkovací, 6-16mm
Kód: 4770702
EXTOL PREMIUM 8851120 kladivo sponkovací, 6-10mm/tl.1,2mm
Kód: 8851120